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Benefits of Working for Oceania

Benefits of Working for Oceania

Oceania Cruises is committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees. Our practice is to treat each employee as an individual. We seek to develop a spirit of teamwork; individuals working together to attain a common goal.

In order to maintain an atmosphere where these goals can be accomplished, we provide a comfortable and progressive workplace. Most importantly, we have a workplace where communication is open and questions and/or challenges can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful atmosphere.

Oceania Cruises does not work with recruitment employment agencies that require you to pay a fee to the agency. If you are being asked to remit monies in connection with your employment application, be aware this is a fraudulent solicitation.

*Oceania Cruises is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Where legally permissible, employment may be subject to background, drug testing and reference checks.

Food & Beverage or Housekeeping - To inquire about available positions in our Food & Beverage or Housekeeping departments, please contact:
THE APOLLO GROUP - Employing all Galley, Restaurant, Bar, Provisions and House Keeping positions onboard.
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Casino, Spa & Boutiques - To inquire about available positions in our Casino, Spa, Boutiques or Internet Cafés, please contact the appropriate partner below:
Employing Dealers with minimum three years shipboard experience, who are native or fluent English speakers.
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Employing Boutique Trainee Managers, Sales Assistants, Fragrance Consultants, Watch Sales Specialists and Jewelry Sales Assistants.
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Employing Spa Managers, Massage and Beauty Therapists, Hairstylists and Fitness Instructors.
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Employing onboard Internet Café Mgrs, who can perform minor trouble shooting on PC/wireless networks, have a proficiency PC software applications, strong computer knowledge inc wireless internet experience/basic networking and fluent in English.
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Our corporate positions are comprised of all shoreside employment, including but not limited to Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Marine Operations. All departments work towards the day-to-day operations of cruise sales, management, quality assurance, guest relations and maintenance of our vessels. Employees share a wealth of knowledge and experience from previous reputable organizations and institutions.

Title Department Location
Crew Air Specialist Air Services Miami, FL
Associate Graphic Designer Marketing Miami, FL
Graphic Designer Marketing Miami, FL
Manager, Marketing Analytics Marketing Miami, FL
Marketing Planning Analyst Marketing Miami, FL
Proofreader & Editor Marketing Miami, FL

Our reservations center is committed to providing our well-traveled guests and professional travel agents with an excellent level of customer service. Our cruise specialists are skilled with strong communication, service and travel industry knowledge and serve as the front line to the general public for Oceania Cruises. Most specialists have a background in the airline, hotel, cruise and call center environments.

Title Department Location
Cruise Specialist Reservations Miami, FL
Cruise Specialist Reservations Omaha, NE

Our ship positions are comprised of all onboard employment opportunities including Hotel, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Deck and Engine. Our onboard staff is meticulously trained in the art of Signature Service and share a wealth of knowledge, talent and experience in the cruise industry. They are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our guests onboard.

Title Department Location
2nd Officer Deck Shipboard
Chief Security Officer Deck Shipboard
Environmental Officer Deck Shipboard
Safety Officer Deck Shipboard
Staff Captain Deck Shipboard
1st Electro Technical Officer Engine Shipboard
1st Engineer Engine Shipboard
1st Hotel Engineer Engine Shipboard
2nd Engineer Engine Shipboard
2nd Hotel Engineer Engine Shipboard