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    Allow us to take you on a journey through lands of timeless wonder, where you will visit civilization's ancient capitals and paeans to the gods of many cultures. These striking landscapes have enchanted explorers for centuries, and the passing of time has in no way diminished their ability to captivate.
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Far East Jewels

Far East Jewels

20-day Cruise from Dubai to Singapore onboard Insignia

ASIAN EXPLORATION Collect memories of the magnificent and beautiful jewels of Asia on this amazing journey. Before passing through the Gulf of Oman, stop in Fujairah to visit the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Mumbai, the commercial and entertainment capital of India, is home to traditional food, festivals and theaters alongside modern cinemas and contemporary art galleries. Delight in the mix of cultures in the former British colony of Rangoon as you stroll the leafy avenues among the colonial buildings. Savor Singapore’s unofficial national pastime – fine dining – with cuisine reflecting a variety of ethnicities and cooking techniques.

Asian Interlude

Asian Interlude

17-day Cruise from Hong Kong to Beijing onboard Nautica

THE GREAT CITIES OF ASIA From the tops of the world’s tallest skyscrapers to peaceful bamboo gardens, the great urban centers of Asia will play host on this splendid journey. Experience the energy of a city that truly never sleeps on a unique nighttime bus tour through the heart of Hong Kong, and from Kobe, visit the majestic Osaka Castle, one of Japan’s most famous fortresses. Tracing their roots back to 700 BC, Chinese acrobats in Shanghai will thrill you with their extraordinary strength and agility, while a local family in Dalian will welcome you into their home to experience their culture and customs up close and personal.

Mt. Kilamanjaro, Kenya

Mystical Odyssey

30-day Cruise from Dubai to Cape Town onboard Nautica

A VOYAGE FOR THE ADVENTUROUS From the Arabian Peninsula to the southern tip of Africa, this 30-day voyage leaves no stone unturned. For the truly adventurous at heart, this will be the opportunity of a lifetime. Traversing the connected rivers, lagoons and lakes of one of the most beautiful states in India near Cochin offers a truly unique view of this breathtaking region. The history of Mozambique comes alive on a tour of the essential highlights of Maputo. From the modern skyscrapers of Dubai and the hanging gardens of Mumbai to the spice plantations in the rainforest valley of Southern Mahé and the exotic game reserves of South Africa, there will be something new to discover for every adventurer onboard.

Far East Odyssey

Far East Odyssey

35-day Cruise from Bangkok to Istanbul onboard Nautica

EXPLORING THE EAST Eastern history and its diverse culture unfolds before you on this epic adventure that takes you from the bustling flower markets of Bangkok to the fragrant spice bazaars of Istanbul. One afternoon will find you taking high tea at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore’s glossy shopping and entertainment district, and the next you will be riding an elephant through the lush forests of Thailand near Phuket. Explore the Elephanta Caves, seventh century rock-cut temples near Mumbai, and walk the famous Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, believed to be the route Jesus followed as he carried his cross. Each new port promises to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Pagodas & Palaces

Pagodas & Palaces

16-day Cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong onboard Nautica

THE MODERN BLENDS WITH ANCIENT LEGENDS Asia is far too complex for a hurried journey, and on this leisurely, in-depth voyage, you will have five overnight stays to explore the history, culture and spirit of this amazing region. Feel the energy of Saigon’s lively Chinatown district, founded by Chinese immigrants in 1780 and now the location of some of Saigon's finest pagodas. The limestone rock wonders of Ha Long Bay are as impressive as the illuminated spires of Hong Kong’s twinkling skyline, where you can dine and shop all night long. Head to the legendary Raffles Hotel in Singapore and try one of its 15 cosmopolitan restaurants, or spend the evening in Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong, where authentic eateries hidden in the maze of streets promise culinary rewards.