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Lifestyle and Activities

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Mid-Sized Ships

Mid-sized Ships Allow for Enormous Differences

In essence, it's the ideal size of our ships that elevates our onboard experience into the sublime. Being mid-sized allows for a certain warmth, intimacy and elegance that is largely devoid on other vessels. The differences are pronounced, especially with regard to the defining points of ambiance, attitude and service.

Returning guests are greeted as cherished friends. First-time guests soon develop their own rapport with the staff, and the relationship only deepens with time. It's a matter of great pride and devotion that our staff sincerely addresses you by name and always remembers your preferences. Personal care this indulgent is no coincidence. It's the direct result of our ships' enviable size.

That warm, caring attitude pervades the ship, promoting an extraordinarily comfortable atmosphere. Guests instinctively introduce themselves to each other, easily finding common ground. While intimate, public areas are alive with laughter and engaging conversation.

Country Club-Casual

Feeling at Home Comes Quite Naturally

How comforting it is to feel completely at ease aboard our mid-sized ships. While the atmosphere is certainly elegant, it's never pretentiously so. The ambiance is refreshingly casual and friendly, much like that of a country club. Intimacy and warmth are the hallmarks, encouraging you to simply be yourself, while enjoying the company of others who genuinely share your enthusiasm.

Meet over cocktails in Martinis and recount your adventures ashore. Strike up a conversation poolside, while lying back in a commodious teak double chaise lounge. Making new friends is effortless, as is finding quiet, more private areas to relax, when you're feeling less gregarious. In such an inviting atmosphere, where every wish is attended to with exemplary service, it's so easy to feel right at home.


Entertainment for the Spirit and Mind

It's only natural that your idea of entertainment changes day to day, so our ships provide for an abundance of diversions. Some days, you may wish to do nothing more than while away the hours reading, comfortably ensconced in a private cabana on the Sun Deck. Other days, if you're feeling ambitious, you might power-walk around the oval track in the fresh sea air, take a refreshing dip in the pool, or work out with a personal trainer.

Whatever strikes your fancy | The immense variety of entertainment options onboard our ships ensures that your interest will be constantly piqued. Enjoy one of our esteemed, often famous guest lecturers, who might be a historian, naturalist or former ambassador eager to share insider knowledge. Our musical performances are equally enriching and, depending on the voyage, may include a live pianist, classical string quartet, dynamic vocalists and spectacular headliners. Later you may wish to try your luck in the elegant Monte Carlo-style casino.


Enrich Your Mind and Spirit

Enriching your mind can be tremendously entertaining, as well. The ultimate source of insider's knowledge is our esteemed and often-famous guest lecturers, who are aboard for the express purpose of enlightening you with their personal insights, historic outlooks, and vast expertise regarding the treasures ashore. Imagine how your perceptions might change after discussing the current political climate in Russia with a former diplomat or historian while sailing the Baltic Sea. Just think how it would enhance your understanding of French wine to learn about France's unique terroir from an acclaimed vintner who lived there. These are the kinds of encounters that comprise the Oceania Cruises experience.

Discover the highlights of your next port of call by reading Oceania Currents, our shipboard daily, or one of the dozens of the travel books from the well-stocked English-style library. And now onboard Marina and Riviera, experience hands-on instruction in our Culinary Center or create arts and crafts in Artist Loft. Other great sources of information are the concierge, shore excursion staff, and even your fellow guests.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub®

Created in 1979 in Arizona's stunning Sonoran Desert, the Canyon Ranch experience personifies healthy living and spiritual awareness. Through fitness, exquisite Canyon Ranch Spa Cuisine and healing therapies, you will discover ways to unleash your untapped potential and change your life in a most positive manner. Oceania Cruises is proud to offer Canyon Ranch's inspiring philosophy throughout our entire fleet. What better setting to promote a radiant lifestyle than the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® onboard our ships.


Stay connected with family and friends or monitor business developments in our 24-hour Internet center, Oceania@Sea. For personalized service, Oceania@Sea is fully-staffed on both sea days (8 a.m. – 7 p.m.) and port days (8 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.). Oceania Cruises also offers wireless Internet access throughout the ship, allowing you to connect through your laptop or mobile device. Guests in suites aboard Regatta, Insignia and Nautica, are provided with a laptop, as well as guests in Concierge Levels and above aboard Marina and Riviera. And as an added convenience, guests in all Owner's, Vista and Oceania Suites will have the use of an iPad® throughout the voyage.
In addition to Internet onboard, Oceania Cruises offers Connect@Sea, a mobile voice application developed specifically for calling and messaging while out to sea. Connect@Sea is a Wi-Fi enabled app that allows you to use your smart phone to send and receive unlimited calls and messages to other Connect@Sea app users on the ship, as well as offer competitive per minute calling rates for all your ship to shore needs. You can download the app for free via Apple and Google Play stores.


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Explore the abundance of activities and entertainment you will enjoy aboard our beautifully intimate mid-sized ships.


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Discover our endless Enrichment options, from our famed guest lecturers to our English-style library.


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The lifestyle sets sail. Indulge yourself in the therapeutic pleasures of the rejuvenating Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.