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Dutch Harbor (Aleutian Islands), Alaska

Located on Amaknak Island and linked via bridge to Unalaska Island, Dutch Harbor is a place of historical significance, stunning natural beauty and resilient people. Walk in the footsteps of the indigenous Aleut, or Unangan, people by following trails established thousands of years ago. The paths take you through swaths of wildflowers dotting green valleys from which rise volcanic peaks surrounded by the sea, a windswept land so pristine you will forget that signs of civilization are nearby. Even so, Russian fur traders and American armed forces did make their marks here. The U.S established a naval base in 1940, and Dutch Harbor became a theater for World War II when the Japanese bombed it in 1942. While intriguing museums recall a turbulent past, today Dutch Harbor embraces the peaceful nature of its scenic surroundings and thrives as a fishing “village” that brings in the largest catch in the country.