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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Next Generation of Our Owner’s Suites

By Trevor R. Howells, Principal Designer at Trevor R. Howells Interior Design

From the beginning, I was thrilled to be a part of this project. As a Ralph Lauren alum myself – having worked for Ralph Lauren for many, many years – I was excited to bring my unique design sense and knowledge of Ralph Lauren Home to the project. My first impression of these Owner’s Suites when I walked in – well, I was truly blown away. I had seen the photos and the video footage, but seeing them in person, they're awe inspiring. They're beautiful and truly unique spaces…on land or sea. The first thing that I did was to hone in on the signature items, and the elements that I wanted to retain, and then start to create the new vision around that.

But for me, the greatest part of working on this project has been working with the Oceania Cruises team, which actually I mean Oceania Cruises family, because that's what I learned that they really are. Everyone I'm working with is so passionate and so caring. They bring everyone in and make them feel like family. And I'm not just extremely proud of the work that I'm doing, but I'm really proud of working with the Oceania Cruises team.

Below is a closer look at what we’ve been working on for the exciting new Owner’s Suites.

The overall concept: Nautical chic – the love of the sea, the travel, the adventure of it all. It’s about bringing the Owner’s Suites to the next level. The next generation of Oceania Cruises.

What the new suites will feel like: Ralph Lauren is always very cinematic. There's always a character, we go back to a sort of Hollywood movie scenario of who that character is. The adventure that they will go on. We’re looking to tell a story. We capture the Ralph Lauren classic, so navy and white, the nautical chic aspect of the travel and the adventure. You see the detail, and you feel the layering and the luxury. The timeless style. What that feels like – being on the sexiest, most sophisticated yacht.

On the design process: I looked at everything in the suite. I wanted to infuse the suites with a modern feel, making them feel more luxurious, but still keeping them timeless and chic. The furniture, the fabrics, the lighting, the accessories, the artwork. It’s about curating the space, making it special – elevated. The artwork is curated for the love of travel and adventure. The biggest challenge was how to create something new that was measurably better, more beautiful. The bar had to be set very high.

On the new furnishings:
I selected items from the Ralph Lauren furniture line. Furniture that was iconic to the brand…not only for their craftsmanship but for their style. We’re upholstering those items in beautiful, high-end residential fabrics – they’re extremely luxurious. Suedes and leathers, wool sateens, silk velvets, metallic linens.

On the color palette: The mood and color palette for these suites are quintessentially Ralph Lauren, bringing in the navy and white, mixed with cream and camel and ivory. The suites are a combination of solids, stripes, textures and pattern. We’re also using pops of metallic fabrics to add an extra little shimmer to each space. For the lighting, we’ve incorporated both brass and nickel, in an eclectic mix, layering the room in the way that only a Ralph Lauren room would be dressed.

Discover more about our new Owner’s Suites at OceaniaNEXT.com.

About Trevor R. Howells
In 1997, Trevor began working for Ralph Lauren Creative Services in New York City. Working within the company’s architecture and design team, Trevor was responsible for the installations of the company’s premiere flagship retail stores around the world including New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, Aspen, London, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. At Ralph Lauren Home, Trevor was instrumental in creating the brand’s signature lifestyle themes, whether it be a California beach house, a New York City penthouse, or an English country manor. Trevor managed the construction of the Home showroom in New York City and subsequent Home retail stores worldwide. In 2012, he established Trevor R. Howells Interior Design in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working with both residential and commercial clients worldwide.