Grand Voyages Cruises

Travel Far And Wide

If you yearn to explore farther, deeper and longer, our Extended Journeys fulfill that desire with voyages that cross continents, reveal distant cultures and linger in the world’s most magnificent destinations. Sail from Miami through the Panama Canal and along the Pacific Riviera, but don’t stop there. Continue on to the pristine islands of Hawaii and French Polynesia, or head south to Chile, around Cape Horn and all the way to Rio de Janeiro. If Asia beckons, begin your journey amidst the Japanese cherry blossoms and then sail to the mainland for overnight stays in Shanghai and Saigon. For those seeking pure serenity, let your cares wash away on the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean as you enjoy leisurely weeks of island hopping complemented by a two-day stay in historic Havana.

Destination Highlights
  • Explore the untamed African wilderness as well as the modern marvels of Asia
  • Compare the lush landscapes of Hawaii's active volcanoes with the extinct peaks of equally scenic Bora Bora
  • Contrast cultures and cuisines from the shores of the Caribbean to the heart of Barcelona
  • Discover the world's most captivating ports of call and savor relaxing days at sea as you traverse oceans, continents and hemispheres

To embark upon the ultimate grand voyage, explore our 180 Day World Cruises that circumnavigate the globe.

Tropics & Exotics 2019-2020

On a journey with Oceania Cruises, indulge your sense of adventure with explorations featuring both country-immersive journeys and tantalizing new destinations across the most breathtaking corners of the globe. Experience the misty, ethereal bamboo forests of Japan, the incense-perfumed temples of Thailand and Burma and thousands of years of history etched in places such as The Great Wall. Set off on exhilarating game drives through South Africa’s Winelands. Take in the paradisiacal lands of the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, redolent with the sweet scent of Tahitian vanilla and brimming with a mosaic of cultures. Join chef-guided market strolls and enjoy tropical explorations across the Caribbean. From the invigorating rhythms of Brazil to the magical scenery and rugged beauty of the Far East, some of the most sought-after destinations in the world come alive in our new collection.

Grand Voyages Cruises