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Entrust Oceania Cruises with a bit more of your time, and we’ll reveal more of the world than you ever dreamed possible. Combining multiple itineraries, our sweeping Extended Journeys and even more in-depth Grand Voyages span continents and oceans. Sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific through the extraordinary Panama Canal, stopping along the Pacific Riviera and continuing north as far as Canada and Alaska. Go on safari in South Africa, ponder the pagodas of Thailand, and take in astonishing city views from the soaring skyscrapers of China. Float in a Tahitian lagoon and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Along the way, unwind with leisurely days at sea and dine on exquisite cuisine. Experience more of Your World. Your Way.®

Destination Highlights
  • Explore the untamed African wilderness as well as the modern marvels of Asia
  • Compare the lush landscapes of Hawaii’s active volcanoes with the extinct peaks of equally scenic Bora Bora
  • Contrast cultures and cuisines from the shores of the Caribbean to the heart of Barcelona
  • Discover the world’s most fascinating ports of call and savor relaxing days at sea as you traverse oceans, continents and hemispheres

To embark upon the ultimate grand voyage, explore our 180-day World Expedition voyages that circumnavigate the globe.

Grand Voyages Cruises