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You may want to pack a thesaurus when embarking on one of our African voyages, because descriptors such as exciting, awe-inspiring and breathtaking will only scratch the surface. From Mossel Bay to Mombasa and Lomé to La Digue, your journey will take you to destinations that many Westerners never get a chance to experience. Learn about everyday life in one of the tiny countries along the West African coast, or wonder at the incredible power and beauty of the animal kingdom on a safari in South Africa or a birdwatching excursion in the Seychelles. When you choose to travel in this region, you can be sure that your voyage will be extraordinary.

Destination Highlights
  • Try to spot each of the Big Five - elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard - on a visit to a game park in Port Elizabeth
  • Get a taste of the traditions of Maputo at a former eucalyptus plantation where you can enjoy a lively show of traditional dancing and a luncheon of regional delicacies
  • Open a window into the lives of those who make their living from the sea with a trip to the fish market in Malé
  • Get oriented to Cape Town by riding an aerial cable car to the top of Table Mountain, which offers panoramic views of the city and ocean
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Africa Cruises


Experience the following ports in this region:
Cote D'Ivoire
Sao Tome and Principe