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While cruising Alaska is an experience in the wilds, it will leave you at peace having connected with the raw and rugged wilderness from the comfort of a luxurious ship. Quiet your mind as you traverse Icy Strait Point and you might hear the call of humpback whales before they breach the surface. Feel your blood pressure lower as you kayak the peaceful waters of Clover Pass in search of the majestic bald eagles that nest and hunt in Tongass National Forest. Cruising Hubbard Glacier, the weight of the world shrinks as you behold the awesome power of water and ice, and the song and dance of native cultures is another powerful reminder to celebrate and honor the world in which we live.

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Local storyteller and proprietor of the original Alaska Street Car Company, Steve Hites shares some highlights of Skagway’s fascinating history in this short video. From the infamous expedition of the Stampeders to the thrill of the Gold Rush and the pivotal construction of the White Pass Railway, discover the celebrated stories of Skagway that make it a renowned Alaskan destination.

Explore the nation’s largest national forest, measuring an astonishing 17 million acres. Covering most of Southeast Alaska and encircling the stunning Inside Passage, the Tongass National Forest offers unrivaled opportunities to observe eagles, bears and spawning salmon. Enjoy a sneak peek of this forest’s towering old-growth coniferous trees and then sail to Alaska to experience it firsthand.

Bears, eagles and whales…Alaska’s abundant wildlife never ceases to amaze us. The state’s nutrient-rich water is an ideal feeding location for humpback whales prior to their astonishing 3,000-mile migration to Hawaii, while on land black bears make their way to rushing streams full of salmon. Enjoy a glimpse of the amazing species you will witness, from hunting black bears to iconic bald eagles perched high in the treetops. Why not experience it all in person?

Alaska Cruises