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Ashore sightseeing with Oceania Cruises


The Bliss On Board Continues Ashore

What a joy to be at sea, indulging in the bountiful pleasures of your Oceania Cruises ship. Yet, as immensely fulfilling as being at sea is, there is far more to cruising than the time spent on board. Most days our ships are docked in port, often departing in the late hours of the evening or even spending the night. Here, in the world’s most desirable destinations, exploration reaps rewards of an entirely different sort. Depending on how deeply you wish to delve, you may opt for a shore excursion of a few hours or a full day. Literally hundreds of unique opportunities are offered each season, opening new worlds of adventure.

In-Depth Opportunities

Similarly, with even more time to devote ashore, you might enjoy a multi-day land tour before or after your cruise or during the voyage itself. Imagine how enlightening it would be to explore a destination for days on end, with no need to rush and no constraints on your time. The region’s history comes alive like never before, the culture becomes more relevant, and the attractions more fully enrich your understanding of life in this part of the world. Even more impressive, many of our land tours and shore excursions offer exclusive experiences reserved for our guests alone.

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Ashore sightseeing with Oceania Cruises