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Culinary Center on Oceania Cruises

Enriching Activities

Learn by Experiencing

The Culinary Center on board Marina and Riviera, the first hands-on cooking school at sea, teaches you how to prepare a variety of exquisite dishes at your own fully equipped workstation in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Master chefs from around the world offer guidance and inspiration to fine-tune your techniques, but each dish is prepared by you. Our Culinary Discovery Tours™ take culinary exploration one step further - at select ports accompany chef instructors while shopping for fresh ingredients ashore at local markets, and experience authentic regional fare in private homes or chef- selected restaurants.

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A Hands-On Approach

Considering seemingly infinite activities, life on board can be exceptionally gratifying. While many guests prefer passive diversions, such as sipping an expertly prepared illy® cappuccino in Baristas, the onboard enclave for java lovers, others would rather have a more active, participatory role in activities. For budding artists, there is Artist Loft enrichment center, where talented artists-in-residence offer step-by-step instruction. Under their watchful eye, you may paint with oils or watercolors, sketch, create collages and more. The courses change continually, and with the masters’ guidance your talents will quickly blossom.

Artist Loft available on board Marina and Riviera, and on Insignia world cruises.

Culinary Center on Oceania Cruises