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Asia has captivated travelers for centuries with its fascinating traditions, natural wonders and infinite mystique. Our Asia cruises bring you imaginative cultural encounters, ancient treasures and so much more. From the Great Wall and Bangkok’s Grand Palace to the ethereal seascape of Ha Long Bay and Kyoto’s temples and gardens, the sights and landscapes of Asia will fill you with wonder. The futuristic neon-lit buzzing streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo will beguile you along with sacred pagodas and temples, highlighting the Far East’s intriguing blend of the ancient and modern. You’ll also have the chance to explore once-forbidden corners of Asia such as Rangoon and more off-the-beaten-path locations like the remote island of Ishigaki in Japan and Hue, a former Imperial city situated on Vietnam’s Perfume River. These captivating voyages immerse you in the best of the iconic attractions of this vast continent, but also leave room for the discovery of the unexpected.

Asia Cruises
  • Tokyo to Singapore
    Departs Apr 13, 2020 |
    18 Days |
    Fares from $5,799 per guest
  • Rome to Dubai
    Departs Nov 17, 2019 |
    20 Days |
    Fares from $3,999 per guest
  • Singapore to Hong Kong
    Departs Mar 4, 2020 |
    14 Days |
    Fares from $3,799 per guest
  • Hong Kong to Tokyo
    Departs Mar 18, 2020 |
    16 Days |
    Fares from $4,099 per guest
  • Tokyo to Tokyo
    Departs Apr 3, 2020 |
    10 Days |
    Fares from $3,899 per guest