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An odyssey through the immortal regions of Asia invites you to appreciate the diverse cultures, compelling history and staggering wonders of our planet. Browse the colorful market stalls of Manila, dine atop the towering skyscrapers in Hong Kong and Shanghai and admire the stunning natural beauty of the Mekong Delta. Wander among ancient temples and sacred pagodas in Bangkok and Mumbai. Explore the lush Balinese countryside or the incredible man-made marvels of Dubai. View statues made of gold, walk along the Great Wall, and stroll sacred gardens and bustling bazaars. Whether exploring the treasures of desert sands or admiring the view from oceanfront shrines, the variety, scope and sweeping history of Asia will fill you with awe and appreciation.

Destination Highlights
  • Explore Bangkok’s Emerald Buddha Temple in the sprawling Grand Palace, one of the most beautiful examples of an ancient Siamese court
  • Contrast the bustle of Mumbai with the city's quiet enclave of Khotachiwadi, an original settlement of charming 19th-century houses
  • Walk a stunningly preserved stretch of the legendary Great Wall outside thoroughly modern Beijing
  • Partake in Hong Kong’s unofficial sport, shopping the numerous traditional markets, high-end boutiques, malls, outlets and street vendors
Asia Cruises